Bali Adventures: Amankila & Uluwatu

This is a continuation of my previous Bali post which you can read here. To begin part two of my Bali trip I want to review the second hotel my friend and I stayed at because it was one of the best (and most luxurious) hotel experiences we’ve ever had. A driver picked us up at The Viceroy to take us to our hotel, Amankila, in the small village of Manggis on the East coast of Bali. Our 1.5-hour trip was more than comfy in a hotel car equipped with wifi, homemade snacks, pillows, and drinks.

Passion fruit sorbet & lemonade frozen welcome cocktail at Amankila
Passion fruit sorbet & lemonade

Upon arrival, we were escorted to our beautiful ocean-view villa. They brought us a refreshing welcome cocktail of passion fruit sorbet and lemonade.

Beach club pool at Amankila
Beach club pool

There are two pool areas at the hotel; three infinity pools which make up the main pool area, and the beach club pool in a valley of palms.

Beach Cabana at Amankila Bali
Beach Cabana

There are cabanas on the beach and by the pool with full-service, sun-tan lotion and a vase of water with flowers to wash your sandy feet.

Pool Cabana at Amankila Bali
Pool cabana

There are many beautiful sights to see at Amankila, but the service is really what got me. They were so thoughtful and attentive to everything. One day, they saw that I was sunburned and they left a basket of fresh aloe in my room. They left us a beautiful flower basket with a handwritten note on another day. When I asked if they could charge my camera battery, they installed an extension outlet right in my cabana. They always went above and beyond to make sure we were happy.

There isn’t much tourism in this area of Bali, but the hotel provides some activities. We did the boat cruise and snorkeling one day. They took us out on a boat with a magical roof deck covered in pillows. We had the best day cruising along the coastline, listening to music and swimming in a cove of emerald green water.

Aman XVI boat deck Amankila Bali
Aman XVI boat deck

The food at Amankila was light and healthy. We ordered the same breakfast every day of scrambled eggs with “brown toast” (as they call it), green juice, almond flat white, and a fruit platter. The pear salad and fish tacos off the pool menu were also very good.

Breakfast for two

When we heard that they offer private dinners on the beach we were super excited and booked it right away. Who says two best friends can’t have a romantic dinner on the beach? When we walked down the long trail to the beach we were completely blown away by the gorgeous candlelit table setting.  They even brought us speakers so we could play our own music.  They cooked us an amazing 4-course meal on a grill right there on the sand. We had lobster, scallops, salmon, veggies, and wine of course. I would highly suggest this experience for an engagement or a honeymoon, or just two friends having a casual dinner (lol)

Romantic beach dinner Amankila Bali Honeymoon ideas
Romantic beach dinner

One day I took a 2 hour car ride to meet a friend in a surf town called Uluwatu. My driver, Wayan, was one of my favorite people I encountered on this trip. He was so knowledgable and enthusiastic. He knew all the good places to go. Be sure to ask for him if you stay at Amankila.

Where to go:

  • Single Finn Ocean-view restaurant. Go to watch the sunset & surfers. Sunday is a good party with deep-house music.
  • Padang Padang Beach– One of the prettiest beaches I saw in Bali with white sand and clear blue water.
  • Resort hopping- Check out some of the opulant resorts here for lunch or a drink. (Bvlgari, Rock Bar at Ayana Resort, Mu Resort)
Fresh coconut at Single Finn Bali Uluwatu
Fresh coconut at Single Finn

When it came time for me to leave, they gave me a homemade string bracelet to ‘balance my energy’, which I may or may not have worn for three weeks. They drove me to the airport in one of the hotel cars that we love so much. Two men were waiting at the aiport to take my bags and walk me through check-in, and security. I was very sad to leave this beautiful experience, and adjusting to reality again was hard. I will certainly be back to explore more of this magical island sometime in the future.

Padang Padang Beach Uluwatu Bali
Padang Padang Beach

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