Gypset Files is a new travel, life and style blog by Marion Sealy. Gypset (Gypsy + jet set) is an unconventional, bohemian approach to life. Characterized by the need for alternative travel and lifestyle.

About me: I graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Communications and from Parson’s The New School with a degree in Fashion Design. I grew up in Houston, Texas but have since lived in Paris, Orange County, Los Angeles, Australia, and New York. I modeled for 10 years, which led me to discover my deep passion for fashion, traveling and experiencing different cultures. My focus has since turned towards fashion design and social media marketing. I am currently the Social Media Director at a tech company based out of New York. In terms of fashion, I have created for Miguelina, Steve Madden, and now I’m working on a project of my own. Stay tuned!

On this site, you can expect regular updates on my travels and anything I find worth sharing about fashion, beauty, fitness, and life.


xx Marion